Product Code.             : VM-OE-04


  • Engineered for Phaco, Anterior & Posterior Vitrectomy & Endo-Laser delivery.
  • Availability of HFDS Glaucoma treatment with ABEE tip and Kloti  capsulotomy functions for RF diathermy  with capsulotomy tip.
  • Has advanced technology based High definition Control Dynamic Direct Control(HDC).
  • Direct Access buttons for easy operability & Touch-sensitive, user-friendly control panel screen with interactive- navigation icons/buttons.
  • Individually programmable for up to 50 surgeons.
  • 3 pump systems True Peristaltic, True Venturi, SPEEP (i.e. controllable flow & vacuum with strength of venturi pump & safety of peristaltic pump).
  • Single cassette for all functions and pump systems which can be quickly changed between surgeries & also the cassette pulls itself automatically into the device
  • Integrated compressor for pneumatically driven guillotine cutter; achieving upto 5000 cuts for anterior segment
  • Infusion with Force of gravity or Active Infusion (GFI) i.e. by means of Gas pressure.
  • Easy Phaco technology for anterior segment surgery while Caliburn Trocars and Continuous flow cutter [CFC] for  Posterior segment surgery.
  • Dual-linear, wireless , long backup powered Foot pedal with integrated laser control & user specific assignment.
  • CFC cutter for 100% tear-free & high speed vitreous cutting for posterior segment surgery.
  • Two LED light source (LED & LED+) with adjustable yellow & blue light for a better visualization.

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