Multi-Spot Pattern Laser (Truscan Pro)

Product Code.             : VM-LM-04


  • Industry's first & fastest pattern-scanning photocoagulator
  • 4- wavelength cutting edge technology: Multiple treatments on a single platform
  • Enhance treatment safety & comfort with SP-mode : Stress-free experience with less-pain & laser procedure related trauma to the patient
  • Can choose any wavelength configuration mix to meet clinical needs. Green [532nm] in Pan Retinal Photocoagulation, Yellow [577nm] in photocoagulation due to unmatched safety for treatment near macula, Red [670nm] optimal wavelength for deep-choroidal penetration, and Infrared [810nm] for ROP and good deep penetration alternative.
  • Reduced Treatment time:
  • Intuitive GUI interface with patient reporting & built-in protocols
  • Excellent optics which provides clear visualization even in the far periphery
  • Custom positioning for vertical or horizontal scree view
  • Wireless pedal reduces cable clutter
  • Smart, Micro Joystick Spot Control enhancing control of treatment spotposition
  • Superb Parfocal spot size (50-1000╬╝m single spot & 100-500╬╝mpattern)

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