Heidelberg Spectralis OCTA

Product Code.             : VM-HB-01


  • Anterior Segment Module enables high resolution OCT imaging of Cornea, Sclera and irido-corneal angles.
  • OCT-A can provide clear, depth-resolved visualizations of the retinal and choroidal microvasculature, unobscured by the staining or pooling effects seen in FA an potentially offers a rapid, high quality and low-risk alternative to fluorescence angiography.
  • Ultra-wide field Angiography Module delivers evenly illuminated and undistorted, high contrast scanning laser images from the macula through the periphery.
  • Spectralis scanning laser angiography can be conducted with either fluorescence or ICG dye; both modes produce detailed, high resolution images and video sequences that show vessel filling, flow, and leakage.
  • Blue peak is a non-invasive, scanning laser fundus imaging modality that provides a map of the retina which can reveal metabolic malfunction of diagnostic significance in many conditions such as AMD.
  • Enhanced Depth Imaging enables high resolution OCT imaging of external retinal layers, the choroid and lamina cribrosa.
  • It allows early detection and monitoring of changes in optic nerve head (ONH) based on TruTrack Active eye tracking, Fo-Di technology and auto rescan function.
  • Best option for Posterior Pole Asymmetry Analysis.
  • It can be used for Transverse Section Analysis.
  • Spectralis provides high resolution OCT images for visualization of ten retinal layers, which helps confidently to describe and pinpoint pathology.
  • Minimizes the effects of light scatter so that it can effectively be used even in patients with cataracts and with small pupil.
  • Provides image detail and clarity not available from fundus photography.
  • It is an affordable combination of Confocal scanning laser fundus imaging and high speed spectral domain OCT scan.
  • Truly flexible Multimodal Imaging Platform with upgradable modular design which include- OCT, multi color scanning laser fundus imaging modalities, wide-field and ultra-wide-field, scanning laser angiography and OCT angiography.

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